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Addis Investment’s largest consulting activity can be attributed to company set up services that are delivered timely and efficiently so that companies can focus on core activities.

Setting up a company in Ethiopia, while progressively improving, is a very challenging and time consuming task that almost exclusively requires local knowhow.

Most companies realize the importance of compliance and proper set up in order to penetrate a new market with the right footing. When Addis Investment is the firm engaged to handle these tasks, the client company can have the peace of mind of full compliance with all of the Ethiopian laws, regulations, and directives which can be several and need experienced eyes to comb through to design the most fitting company set up arrangement.

At Addis Investment, we understand that travelling is often required for company executives before the corporate decision is made to enter a new market. For these reasons, our consultants usually avail themselves to make all the necessary travel requirement to assist clients in minimizing any unnecessary travel requirements.

Addis investment’s professional consultants will support you to make the most appropriate decision in company setup and guide you through the compliance procedures towards complete company formation and legitimate presence in Ethiopia.

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Addis Investment really helped us get started in Ethiopia. we have used their affordable Business set up Packages. If you are looking for First-Class Business Consultant in Ethiopia, my recommendation goes to Addis Investment.

Ahmed Nureni
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.

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