IS/IT Consultancy and Support Services

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IS/IT Consultancy and Support Services

An important driver at Addis Investment is to help clients maximize on resources where they matter most. One of the ways we achieve this is by future proofing your investment in IT infrastructure and by selecting forward-compatible solutions that support your long-term business objectives.

Our consultants have years of experience accumulated from various private and public enterprises, and it is these experienced hands we will deploy to guide your investment at all levels of your operation.

We are well versed in well accepted and proven methodologies which we implement in the following focus areas:

  • Selecting an Information System
  • Information Systems Assessment
  • Information Research
  • IS/IT Systems Support

Selecting an Information System

Selecting the right information system can be a daunting task with so many choices and fast evolving technology. Addis Investment relies on its well versed and networked professionals to make the appropriate selection of technology and systems to fit a client’s budget and the defined requirement.

Furthermore, we make sure that your business information systems are well aligned with your long term strategic objectives and profitability.

With the client as the ultimate sponsor, Addis Investment presents a clear map for the state of your current and future enterprise architecture. Our work plan is based on the realization that business processes and their supporting applications and systems can only be fully understood, implemented, supported and improved by understanding their interdependencies.

Information Systems Assessment

As part of the systems selection process, our consultants will work jointly with you to understand your overall corporate strategy and business objectives as they relate to your IS needs. It is this assessment that will be used to provide acute insight into the current state of your enterprise and its fitness in meeting your future commercial objectives. The output of this assessment will be used as a blueprint for the enterprise transformation roadmap to define priorities and to create optimal timelines and value propositions.

Information Research

Prioritized business requirements for the implementation of your future information technology needs are required to ensure that you choose the appropriate technology to meet your current needs and future objectives. Addis Investment will work with you by facilitating sessions with your internal and external stakeholders. The information research is a list of processes and requirements that are turned into a specification document which is used to benchmark your future technology needs.

IS/IT Systems Support

Under this service portfolio, Addis Investment provides dependable support to ensure the hardware systems, connectivity infrastructures, and software systems driving your business work seamlessly.

You can count on our competitive, efficient, and reliable IS/IT support service for your business. Once you select Addis Investment as your future consulting partners, we will work very hard to gain your trust. You may try us out by selecting any of the packages that offer specific and tailored benefits to suit your needs.

Addis Investment – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

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