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As Ethiopia continues to be one of the most attractive markets in Sub Saharan Africa, a significant number of foreign companies have started to give it due attention.

The country’s investment climate is relatively new, and its policies remain dynamic to strike a balance between state led development and private sector participation.

For many, if not the largest portion of, foreign investors, understanding this balance, identifying the right industries, and subsequently making the appropriate investment present various challenges and require hands on professional guidance.

Addis Investment works with industry professionals with the right combination of skill sets and approach to guide investments through the maze of policies and directives.

Compared to its neighbors, Ethiopia still doesn’t have a capital market where local businesses can raise equity finance. This provides ample opportunity to foreign equity investors interested in riding the country’s significant upside potential in almost all sectors.

Since some of the most attractive sectors are protected for local investors only while others are open for foreign participation, understanding the nuances of sector protection in the Ethiopian context is crucial before taking the investment steps.

Of the different ways to gaining this insight, the most cost effective route is to work with investment consultants such as Addis Investment to minimize the impact of post money blunders that may be irreversible.


We advise that foreign investors absorb all professionally available information to assess all input and understand the market condition in order to mitigate any potential risks.


Addis Investment exclusively provides professional consultancy to foreign investors to facilitate investment through the following services:


  • Market Research & Analytics
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Investment proposal design and preparation
  • Investment plans design and preparation
  • Post investment services such as annual audit, HR services, Investment License renewal…
  • Tender management services including local partner identification and assessment